Online Resources

Here are some of our favorite online resources dealing with many aspects of the sport of fencing. Below are links to organizations, equipment vendors, NCAA fencing, blogs, and other sites of interest. If you find other online resources, please let us know at

Fencing Organizations

  • FIE– The International Fencing Federation (FIE) is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the world governing body of fencing. We are proud to be an Olympic sport since 1896 and to have 153 affiliated member federations all over the world..
  • USA Fencing– This organization promotes the sport of fencing in the United States. Their website has information about safety, rules, and regulations.

Interesting Stuff About Fencing

  • Kids’ and Beginners’ Guide to Fencing – This is a solid basic guide to fencing, that includes a good resource list of its own.
  • Fencing Parents – Every parent of a fencer should sign-up for the Fencing Parent’s newsletter. Donna Meyer, editor, has made a real difference in how U.S. Fencing considers the views of parents when crafting policies.
  • US Center for SafeSport – Another organization that every parent, athlete, and coach should be aware of. SafeSport is a body of rules designed to protect athletes from misconduct perpetrated by persons in positions of authority over them in the context of a sport in which they participate.
  •– A useful tool for finding Fencing clubs and news, as well as training tips.
  • Olympic Fencing Games– Learn more about the history and highlights from past Olympic fencing games.
  • Wheelchair Fencing at the Paralympics– More information about rules and competitions for wheelchair fencing.
  • The Edited Overview – Of course no list would be credible without a link to Wikipedia. The information is concise, and is always being updated.
  • Fencing 101 – A short simple overview of the sport and history of fencing.

Recommended Fencing Equipment Vendors

  • Absolute Fencing Gear– Absolute Fencing has been a key supplier for Wasatch Fencing for over 15-years. You can expect good to excellent quality equipment at fair prices. Members of Wasatch Fencing receive a significant discount when ordering through the club. Many basic fencing items from Absolute are available at our facility.
  • Leon Paul USA – There is no question that Leon Paul makes some of the best fencing equipment out there. You will pay more, but will be very satisfied with your purchases. When purchased through Wasatch Fencing, members receive a modest discount.
  • Blue Gauntlet – These guys are a solid vendor that features equipment from many of the top manufacturers in the world. You can pick gear from great companies like Allstar and Uhlmann. They also stock a good selection of blades.

College Information

  • NCAA FencingNews about the college teams and rankings.
  • The USACFC– The United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs (USACFC) promotes fencing at the college level and hosts the College Fencing National Championships.
  • Colleges with NCAA Sanctioned Fencing Teams– A lengthy list of colleges that have fencing teams. This website is also a great resource for families with fencers aspiring to compete.