Fencing for Groups

Businesses Seminars Improves Decision Making, Risk Management

Nomatic employees after some hard fought fencing.

Our group business seminars focus on improving your business’s ability to adapt, learn, and make reliable decisions while managing risk. Within an hour, your group will be bouting with each other having learned the basic foot and blade work needed to fence credibly. Then the group will learn to apply decision making principles while fencing that will directly apply to decision-making in business.

Each seminar is conducted by Ron Hendricks, head coach, and marketing consultant. For a decade, Ron formally was a senior vice president of interactive at EURO RSCG, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, where he played an integral role in planning and executing effective online marketing and advertising strategies, including first-ever integrated television-Web commercial.

Our seminar for businesses can accommodate up to 20 people at our facility in Kaysville, Utah. Our typical experience takes about 3 1/2 hours, but we can customize to meet your needs.

Cost: $1,100 minimum. Email ronh@wasatchfencing.org and we will work with you to set up a great seminar for your business.

The Fencing Experience for Groups

Always wanted to try your hand at sword fighting? Now is your chance without the risk of spilling yours, or anyone else’s blood. Spend 2 hours with one of our head coaches and learn the sport of Olympic style fencing.

This is the perfect activity for those who want to consider just trying fencing once to cross the experience off their bucket list. Each participant will learn about the history of fencing, followed by the basic footwork, blade work, and strategies needed to start bouting. We supply all the instruction and equipment to give each person a taste of Olympic style fencing on our state of the art scoring boxes and strips (the same type used in Olympic and World Cup competitions). You are welcome to video your fencing so you can impress all of your swashbuckling want-to-be friends!

Cost: $35 per person (min of 3, max of 10 people.) Group sessions take about two hours. Email ronh@wasatchfencing.org for more information or to set up a time.

Fencing Demonstrations & Presentations

We are always excited for opportunities to give fencing demonstrations and presentations about our sport. Our fencing experts can provide a dynamic event that will be sure to educate and entertain your audience. These events can be held at your facility or ours. Call us at 801-497-9765 or email ronh@wasatchfencing.org for more information and pricing.

Celebrations, Birthdays and Such

Kids enjoying a round of balloon fencing.

Want to give your kid or friend an unforgettable party? We can accommodate up to 15 guests at our facility in Kaysville, Utah where they will learn some basic foot and blade work that will allow them to try their hand at the sport of fencing. Our standard party event takes about 1 1/2 hours.

Cost: $15 per person with a $150 minimum. Email ronh@wasatchfencing.org and we will help you set up a great celebration.